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Pilloxa is a digital health startup with the mission of enhancing the experience for people taking medication every day.

Did you know that one out of ten patients admitted to hospitals are there because they haven’t taken their medication as they should, and that 8 people die every day for the same reason in Sweden alone? We want to change that.

Why Pilloxa?

At Pilloxa you will be part of a fast moving team that is serious about improving people's health. You won't only build great products with cutting edge technology but also be part of shaping the strategy of the business itself.

Meet Niclas!

Why did you join Pilloxa?

Before joining Pilloxa I was not aware of the huge problem that poor medical adherence is - something I imagine most engineers are unaware of although it’s widely known within health care globally. The reason I joined Pilloxa is that I want to dedicate myself to improving the life quality of the millions of people suffering of poor adherence every day.

What do you appreciate about working at Pilloxa?

The product focus in Pilloxa is tremendous and we all work hard to create the product that is best for our users. Nothing is unquestionable and we all take part in enabling the company’s quick growth in all areas. We closely follow the mantra of “management by doing” and everyone is encouraged to dare take initiatives that may improve what we do - it’s highly demanding but also immensely rewarding.

Pilloxa is also a great place to work because of it’s people. They’re some of the nicest, smartest people I’ve ever met and I’m honoured to work with them. They empower me to realize my dream of helping people and as long as I known that I’ve helped just one person out there I know that I will have made the right choice.

Open positions

Software Engineer - Frontend and Backend

Stockholm Office - Sweden

The team

We’re a small team of developers working tightly in designing, building, testing and maintaining the product with a high sense of quality. We employ a lightweight agile process and always look for ways to streamline our tools and workflow to make each day productive and stimulating. We believe that the only way to achieve excellence is to have an open culture and use the right tools.

The stack

  • Clojure(Script)
  • React Native
  • re-frame
  • lumo
  • boot
  • figwheel
  • AWS
  • ElasticSearch
  • Docker
  • PostgreSQL

Who are you?

  • Loves building great products with modern technologies
  • Experience in creating great software
  • Willing to learn, or already knows, Clojure
  • Not afraid of going out of their comfort zone
  • Great sense of responsibility from design to maintenance
  • Willing to work in Stockholm or travel here fairly frequently
  • Like the idea of being part of a fast moving startup

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