Our vision

Our vision is to empower patients to medicate through the use of technology.

Pilloxa was founded with the aim to create a patient-centric digital platform that supports the challenges of adherence from a holistic perspective by combining hardware, software and cloud services. Our first product, a smart pillbox named Pilloxa One, has embedded tablet sensors connected to a mobile app where real-time adherence and patient data is displayed in a dashboard. Patients are notified when it’s time to take their medication, reminded if they forget, and clinical trial managers and study personnel can track their progress and get in contact in realtime. Pilloxa One is tailor-made and trial specific, because each clinical trial is unique.

Trusted by global pharmaceutical companies and world-renowned hospitals, Pilloxa’s offerings are now being used in several therapeutic areas where adherence is of utmost importance. At Pilloxa, we are convinced that detailed anonymous data on medication adherence can advance medical research enabling new therapies to come to market faster. We are excited to drive development in this field and look forward to creating a difference for the millions of patients that medicate daily.

Helena, Per & Francesco - founders