Explore our process for working with clinical studies.

Contact Initiated

First discussion and synopsis/protocol sent to Pilloxa (if necessary).

Needs Identified

Pilloxa matches services and needs, thereafter presenting a suggestion for implementation of the service suite, including timelines for implementation.


After initial feedback from the client, Pilloxa creates a mock study dashboard with simulated data for direct visualization of the operational aspect of the services (if applicable), as well as providing further information about solutions and pricing.

Offer Accepted

The proposal is agreed upon and a complete roadmap is presented. Pilloxa allocates a dedicated project manager.

App Tailored

The mobile application, eIC*, ePRO*, and dashboard* are fully tailored for the project (including localization) and presented to the customer before the start of the study for internal testing. *services/products are optional and available separately, see our solutions.


Pilloxa performs short test runs with a representative group of the patient population and sites. Eventual product iterations are done.

Full Rollout

Service suite is rolled out for all patients.