The patient-centric adherence platform

Track adherence

Track your medicine intake in real time without any effort. View the data to gain insights of your adherence. Compare the data with a symptom log or export and combine it with other health parameters to better understand how your medicine is affecting you and how your health can be improved.



When a dose is not taken on time this is detected by sensors in the smart pillbox and you will automatically be reminded on your mobile phone. Your loved ones and caregivers can also get notifications. If you take your medication on time, nothing happens.


Medication information

In the app your medicine list is always with you. It is easy to update and can be showed to healthcare professionals. You will easily find information about your medicine, how to take it, additional recommendations and possible side effects.

Each year more than 3 000 individuals in Sweden die from not taking their medication as prescribed[1]. This costs society 20 billion SEK a year[2]. 10 % of all hospitalizations at Karolinska are due to not taking their medication as they should[3].

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