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Pilloxa tackles poor medical adherence

One of the biggest problems in healthcare

+ 24 %

yearly increase in healthcare costs in the U.S.

In a world with ever increasing costs for treatment and medication, it gets more crucial every day that the medication prescribed reaches the best treatment results possible. It's well known that an important factor in the success of medical treatment is good adherence.[1]

$433 B

yearly costs for the society in U.S. & EU

Low adherence results in poor health and increased healthcare utilization. For example, if a person with a kidney transplant misses enough doses their graft will be lost and a new organ and surgery is needed. Apart from the human suffering the costs of a kidney transplant is $400,000. This human suffering and cost can, and should, be prevented.[2, 3]

320 000

people die every year in U.S. & EU

Missing a dose every now and then might not seem like a big problem. The reality is that it's about as many people dying from poor medication adherence as it is from stroke. On top of that millions are not living as well as they could if they would have been adherent to their medication.[4, 5]

Pilloxa One

The Pilloxa One pillbox has 14 compartments for your doses. It has built in sensors that will track if you took your medication or not. If you are late with your medication you will get a notification on the accompanying Pilloxa app.
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Partnering with Pilloxa

Pilloxa creates value for multiple actors within the healthcare industry

Pilloxa is partnering with several clinics that aim to improve their treatment results. Higher medical adherence also has the benefit of lower costs. An example is the transplantation clinic in Karolinska Hospital.
Pharmaceutical companies
Pilloxa is more than an adherence tool. We provide a platform to reach and keep users engaged, well informed and healthy. This in combination with optimization for successful clinical trial results are two reasons why some of the worlds biggest pharmaceutical companies are working with Pilloxa today.
Clinical Research Organizations
Pilloxa can monitor study results in real time. This does not only provides the opportunity to get actionable insight on a minute by minute basis instead of weekly. It also decreases the actual cost for monitoring since no manual data collection is needed. Pilloxa is currently used in a number of clinical trials.

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