About Pilloxa

The need to facilitate medication was observed and validated during Clinical Innovation Fellowships, a joint venture program run by Royal Institute of Technology, Karolinska Institute and Stockholm County Council. In the clinical context, we really got to see what poor adherence could lead to and decided that we wanted to change this. Pilloxa was founded in 2015. Our first product, a smart pillbox with embedded sensors that are connected to a mobile application will be finalized during the summer of 2017.

We have researched and verified the need through hundreds of interviews with patients, relatives, care givers, pharmacists, researchers and patient organizations in addition to a thorough literature study.

The solutions on the market today do not solve the problem in its entirety. Pilloxa will offer a holistic solution to this problem by using a combination of hardware, a web service and a mobile app.


Francesco Mazzotta


PhD in Physics

Per Nilsson

Head of Sales and Finance

MSc. Technology Management

Helena Rönnqvist

Chief Scientific Officer


Viktor Eriksson


MSc. Industrial Engineering and Management

Rodrigo Lorenzo Leal

Head of Embedded Development

MSc. Electrical Engineering

Niclas Nilsson


MSc. Computer Science