Digital health company Pilloxa and University of Oslo start collaborative trial to further validate their smart medication adherence system in a real-world clinical setting

27 Jan, 2021

Stockholm, Sweden: Digital health company Pilloxa today announced the start of ASTORIA* – a single-armed and multicenter observational clinical trial in which their digital patient-centric adherence solution will be tested in patients with cardiovascular disease, namely newly diagnosed patients with atrial fibrillation. The study, to be conducted as a multicenter trial with the University of Oslo as lead, is funded by an EU-grant from the EUROSTARS program and is also financially supported by Bayer. The aim is to further validate Pilloxa's full suite of medication support services – including their adherence app enhanced with mobile communication and a digitally connected pillbox – to enable remote patient monitoring. This includes alerting the patient to take their medication as prescribed and relaying their adherence patterns for further analysis. The data gathered will enable further development of the solution to increase the quality and effectiveness of drug treatment in both the healthcare setting and during clinical trials. In total, 200 patients will be recruited and results from the trial are estimated to be reported in 2022.

The primary endpoint of this study is adherence to rivaroxaban as measured by the Pilloxa adherence solution. A dose will be considered adherent if taken on the same day as the planned dose (within a +/- 12 hour window). For additional, secondary endpoints, see below**.

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Digital health company Pilloxa receives €580k from EU to develop patient medication adherence system

20 Aug, 2020

Company aims to validate a digital solution within the cardiovascular field and to further develop it together with leading Nordic university hospital

Stockholm, Sweden: Digital health company Pilloxa today announced that they have received €580k in funding from the EU’s EUROSTARS program. The company is developing digital patient-centric solutions and will, together with the University of Oslo, now validate an innovation that supports the patient to take their medication as prescribed and further develop the solution to increase the quality and effectiveness of drug treatment in both the healthcare setting and during clinical trials. Dan Atar, Professor of Cardiology at the University of Oslo, is responsible for the implementation of the ASTORIA study which will show the effect of Pilloxa's solution upon adherence to the medicine Rivaroxaban. The study is the first of its kind in the field and the hope is that the results will lay the foundation for the next step in patient-centered drug development and treatment. The funds will also be used for further development of a complete digital system that facilitates the process both for the patients included in the study and for the investigator. In addition, the reliability of the collected data will be strengthened, which can both reduce costs and be considered more ethical. Bayer and Pilloxa are already partners and Bayer is also a financial sponsor of the ASTORIA project.

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Bonnier Ventures leads a USD 1.3 million investment in Pilloxa for European expansion

2 Dec, 2019

Pilloxa is delighted to announce that Bonnier Ventures, the venture arm of the Bonnier group, has taken the lead in the USD 1.3 million investment round in the company.

Pilloxa, founded in 2015, tackles poor medical adherence within the clinical studies industry by having developed a patient centric adherence platform consisting of smart hardware, tailored smartphone apps, data visualization and analytics. The Pilloxa platform aims to give individualized support and feedback to the user, to make it easier to take medication in the best way possible. Pilloxa has shown adherence of over 90% in indicative studies (with market averages of 60-65%).

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Pilloxa nominated for international award!

15 Aug, 2019

Pilloxa is delighted and honoured to have been nominated for Best Technological Innovation: Digital at this year's Medtech Insight Awards, in recognition of our contribution to transformative innovations in the global Medtech industry.

Pilloxa's Co-founder Per Nilsson comments, on the topic of medication non-adherence, that...

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Pilloxa has been selected to Start-ups Meets Pharma arranged by EIT Health

14 Jun, 2019

Pilloxa has been selected to participate in a 3 week boot camp spanning across Europe for start-ups that are developing digital solutions with an impact on both the pharmaceutical industry and patients. Pilloxa will present its solution for a wide crowd of pharmaceutical companies, including Amgen, Bayer, Ferrer, Johnson & Johnson and UCB Biosciences.

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Sandoz and Pilloxa in collaboration using smart pillbox to improve transplant patient medication adherence

9 May, 2019

Swedish digital startup company Pilloxa today announced that it is to collaborate with Sandoz Nordics on using Pilloxa’s smart pillbox in the field of transplantation. The initial phase aims to support Swedish transplant clinics with Pilloxa's innovation in order to facilitate improved medication adherence by transplanted patients.

Pilloxa originates from the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm County Council and the Swedish Royal Institute for Technology and has developed a patient centric adherence platform consisting of an intelligent pillbox, a smartphone app and a cloud solution along with data driven services. The Pilloxa platform aims to give individualized support and feedback to the user to make it easier to take medication in the best way possible.

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Pilloxa initiates a strategic partnership with Bayer AB for innovative smart pillbox to tackle growing problem of patient compliance

14 Mar, 2019

Swedish digital health start-up Pilloxa has entered a strategic collaboration with Bayer AB. Pilloxa helps patients take their medicine in time by using an app that is connected to a smart pillbox. Non-compliance, with patients either forgetting or failing to complete complete courses of medication leads to thousands of deaths and billions of Euros in costs for society, every year.

Pilloxa has it roots in the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Region Stockholm and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). The user gets a reminder if they are about to forget their dose. In the app there is also an up-to-date medicines list, a dashboard visualizing the patient's medication history and a motivational tool. Poor adherence to medication leads to both medical risks for the patients as well as increased strain on the healthcare system, both in terms of time and costs.

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Pilloxa Singled Out as a Great Innovation from Stockholm

20 Feb, 2019

The Stockholm Region has presented Pilloxa as one of the Great Innovations within Healthcare.

An article has been published in the Swedish magazine "Goda Innovationer".

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Event 14/3: Digital Innovation in Healthcare and Pharma

19 Feb, 2019

Pilloxa has invited some of the top decision makers from healthcare, pharma and the startup community to talk about how they see digital innovation transforming the industry.

Our speakers include Tomer Feffer (CEO at Bayer Scandinavia) and Peter Graf (CEO at TioHundra AB).

To read about the event, click here:

If you are interested in attending, please send an email to

Pilloxa Raises 5,6 MSEK from Prominent Angel Investors.

9 Oct, 2018

Pilloxa has successfully raised 5,6 MSEK from swedish angel investors, ranging from the previous Global Marketing Director at Spotify Sophia Bendz, the previous CEO of Ratos Susanna Campbell, the founder of Serendipity Innovations Saeid Esmaeilzadeh and the business angel Eva Redhe.

The funding will be utilized to clinically validate the product together with some of the most prominent hospitals in the Stockholm region.

For more info, see (in Swedish):

Pilloxa Receives Funding from the European EIT Health!

12 Jul, 2018

Pilloxa is one of the 10 companies in Scandinavia that was awarded the EIT Health Headstart funding of € 50 000. EIT Health is the life science division of EIT which is an EU organization that spurs innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe to overcome some of its greatest challenges. The funds will be used to further verify Pilloxa in a clinical context together with transplanted patients. For additional info about the news and about EIT Health, click here EIT Health

Pilloxa Receives Funding from Vinnova!

25 May, 2018

Pilloxa is one of the companies awarded a grant from the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova. (article in swedish)

Out of 138 applicants, Pilloxa is one of the companies that was awarded funding from the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova. The funds from “Innovationsprojekt i företag” will be used to verify the business model of Pilloxa in a clinical context. For additional info see the following link (in swedish): Vinnova

Pilloxa Mentioned on the Stockholm County Council Innovation as One of the Most Inspirational Innovation Cases.

1 Mar, 2018

The healthcare organization in Stockholm, Stockholm County Council (SLL) has an innovation division where they list inspirational cases of innovations that have spun out of SLL. Pilloxa is listed as the first project on this list and have also received funding two times from the innovation fund within SLL. For more info, see the following link (in swedish):

Pilloxa Receives CE Marking

2 Jan, 2018

Pilloxa has received a certificate of registration from the Swedish Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket). Pilloxa is now marked as a medical device class I and can therefore now be marketed in the EU.