Sandoz and Pilloxa in collaboration using smart pillbox to improve transplant patient medication adherence

Swedish digital startup company Pilloxa today announced that it is to collaborate with Sandoz Nordics on using Pilloxa’s smart pillbox in the field of transplantation. The initial phase aims to support Swedish transplant clinics with Pilloxa’s innovation in order to facilitate improved medication adherence by transplanted patients.

Pilloxa originates from the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm County Council and the Swedish Royal Institute for Technology and has developed a patient centric adherence platform consisting of an intelligent pillbox, a smartphone app and a cloud solution along with data driven services. The Pilloxa platform aims to give individualized support and feedback to the user to make it easier to take medication in the best way possible.

The need for optimal adherence within the transplantation area is crucial. Living with a transplanted organ means lifelong daily medication and just a few missed doses can result in organ rejection. This puts an enormous pressure on the individual and smart solutions to support adherence could greatly help patients to live a life as active and healthy as possible.

“Pilloxa strives to be at the forefront of a new paradigm within personalised healthcare. We are happy to partner up with Sandoz to tackle the problem of inadequate adherence to medication and we strongly believe that this will increase quality of life for transplanted patients. Together Sandoz and Pilloxa go beyond the pill and aim to empower the patients to improve their own outcomes,“ commented Francesco Mazzotta, CEO Pilloxa.

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